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Make Money Online – Best Ways & Methods

Earn Online Money on Youtube, Facebook, Blogging, PTC Sites, Surveys
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How Students Make Money Online While Studying – Best Ways and Methods: Are you looking for a Part-time job from which you can earn some extra money after your School or College? If you spend your time browsing on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Stop wasting your time as it can be used to earn some extra cash without having involved any physical activity. Yes! If you want to make money from home, there are different types of online jobs where you start earning money right away after reading this post (Obviously). Which only required your significant amount of time. Below we have provided 5 different ways of earning money online for students who are studying as well as others which are 100% real and efficient.

Make Money from PTC Websites:

Make Money, with, PTC Sites

If you are a beginner and want to earn decent money to pay your bills then PTC ((Paid to Click) websites are the easiest way to start making money online. In the PTC websites, all you need to do is register properly enter your details such as name, email, phone number, bank a/c, PayPal a/c details, etc. Once you join the website, all you had to do is view ads, these ads can range from 20 seconds to 1 minute and for each ad you get paid.

You need to spend at least 30 minutes to 1 hour to get a good advertisement. By doing it regularly you can earn up to $200 which is about Rs.15,000 monthly. These websites are free to use and no investment is needed. Below are some of critically acclaimed PTC website you can join now and start earning: You May Also Like: Why 1$ = 76.5 ₹ How Indian Economy Could Revive Again

  • Neobux
  • ClixSense
  • Paidverts
  • BuxP
  • InboxDollar

From all these websites you can start right earning right away all you need is a bank a/c linked with PayPal account. The earnings are transferred to PayPal. From there you can withdraw your money through your local bank account.

Online Surveys:

Do surveys, and earn, Money, Online

Online surveys are the best way to earn money online it does not require any technical abilities or skills. There is no investment needed. Thousands of companies launch their products and they take these surveys to increase their business. Online surveys do not include typing you just need to click the right answer as per your suggestion. All you need a computer or laptop with an internet connection. And that’s it you can register on these websites we have posted below:

  • Valued Opinion Surveys
  • Panel Station Surveys
  • Street Pass
  • Swag bucks

Make Money from YouTube channel:

Earn Money, on, Youtube Channel
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This is one of the popular ways of earning money nowadays. If you are the one who has talent, passion and want it to show to the world. On Youtube, you can upload Vlogs, any art you have like cooking, martial arts, comedy videos, and also you can make a news portal, etc. YouTube is the best way to get recognition. Popular YouTubers earn millions of dollars every year in their respective category. All you had to do is create your YouTube Account and start uploading videos. Also Read: Difference Between Savings Account & Current Account – Which One To Choose

Once your Channel crosses overall 10,000 views. You can connect the YouTube channel to Google Adsense. The Ad sense will monetize your videos. And for every 1000 views, you will get the money as per the number of ads shown on the video. After getting more subscribers what you have to do exactly may be explained in the upcoming articles, so stay tuned with us.

Make Money Online from Blogging:

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Blogging has become very popular in India. You can create a blog from or WordPress. All you had to do is register on Word Press and start posting Quality content which attracts an audience. You can create a paid blog or free blog as well. One thing to remember is your blog will not start making money right away. It can take months or over a year before, you start making any money.

You need to have patience in your work. Once your website starts getting the audience you will get paid for each click on the ad that the visitor accidentally or voluntarily clicks on it. If you want to know deeply about blogging how to start it and how can someone apply Adsense, the detailed article may be posted soon on public interest.

Build Your Audience on Facebook:

Earn Money, on, Facebook Page
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No, it’s not a joke; you can earn money through Facebook if you have the right set of skills. All you had to is create a page on Facebook on any topic which you are interested in. It can be anything ranging from Comedies or Social issues. Promote the page if you want, once your page has gathered enough likes. You can start earning through sponsored posts where you get money just to post their link on your Facebook page. Take note that this will take a significant amount of time. You can also purchase pages but it will not worth it.

We hope you like our article, You Start making money right now from these methods we have shown you. One thing we would like to tell is that everything requires patience. So, if you have patience and dedication towards your work then anything can be possible, and making online money requires lots of dedication. More ways to earn easy money by sitting at home may get posted soon, for more informative articles stay tuned with us.

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