Port Your Mobile Number in Just 2 Days

How You can Port, your Mobile Number, in Just 2 Days
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Port Your Mobile Number in Just 2 Days: Porting the mobile number is needed sometimes based on many situations. Like if a person is at the residence and fed up with the current telecom operator like the operator is charging too much or any network issue. Anyways it is based on the choice of the customer but sometimes the operator companies don’t want the customer to leave. As it could seriously affect their business if many people started leaving their services. This way the company will try to give better offers to the customer and in order to attract other customers towards their service. The other companies may also provide competitive offers.

Port, your Mobile Number, in Just 2 Days

In the initial time when the porting was launched, people may don’t know much about it but later on the TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has may have told these companies to complete the process of porting from one operator to another within 7 days and this was going smoothly but in case if some company fraudulently not giving the customer UPC code (which is needed to port), or not allowing port requesting would get a penalty from the TRAI, and now the time has come the TRAI has increased the penalty for them. And the good news for those customers who want to port quickly is, TRAI said to reduce the time which was earlier around 4-7 days.

How You can Port, your Mobile Number, in Just 2 Days

An article was published on the NDTV website saying “TRAI Proposes to Cut Mobile Number Portability Processing Time to 2 Days”, so now the companies have to complete the process within the given time and customers can avail the benefit of the same by porting their mobile number very easily. That further says, the timeline for MNP requests from one circle to another is still 4 days, although the entire process which has been simplified for you to go on, you can read on and go for the MNP if needed do note that the customer who has ported and not completed around 90 days of time with the current operator may not be allowed to port again within 90 days, although after 90 days again porting may be done.

Port Your Mobile Number in Just 2 Days

How You can Port, your Mobile Number, in Just 2 Days

  • You need to send a message from your Sim Mobile Number to which you want to port
  • Type, PORT<space>Your 10 Digit Mobile Number and send it to 1900
  • Within some time you will get a UPC Code which has an expiry date
  • Before the expiry date, you have to visit the retailer or office of the service provider (New) to which you want to port (example, if you want to port from Airtel to Idea, then you need to visit Idea retailer or Office)
  • Carry a valid ID proof (xerox copy also), submit it along with the UPC code
  • Once done, they will give you a new SIM Card which you need to insert after your current sim get expired
  • Pay the amount which could range from Rs.10/- to Rs.300/- based on many offers or T&C.

That’s it, the process isn’t easy? If still, you are facing any issues while porting from one operator to another operator then you can simply leave a comment and we will try to reply you as soon as possible, and try to clarify/clear if there is any outstanding with the current operator to avoid any issues while porting. By this, you can easily port to the different operators like Reliance Jio, Airtel, Vodafone, Idea so on. 

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