Vaccines for Corona Virus – Detailed Information

Corona Virus Vaccine, Detailed Information
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Vaccines for Corona Virus – Detailed Information: Vaccines are being prepared for coronavirus. One of the most-searched terms for 2020 is when the vaccine for coronavirus is available in the market. It is very important to know because most of the people get very scared about COVID 19. So many people around 8 lakhs people have been died due to this virus.

WHO (World Heath Organisation) said this types of epidemic will come in almost every century. When talked about coronavirus it may also goes like Spanish Flu, which had been for 2 years. So now, don’t panic, so many people can recover from this virus like almost 1.5 crore people has got discharged from hospitals and now they are having plasma in their body.

What is Plasma? How the Coronavirus patients got treated without any vaccine?

This question may be troubling your mind too, actually in our body we have Immune systems like respiratory system, digestive system, etc. So whenever some type of bacteria trying to insert in our body this immune system will help to fight against it. We should thank God for giving this type of body which will fight against any virus, bacteria, etc. So basically when the virus gets defeated by the immune system then antibodies generate in our body and they will help to identify the virus if they insert it again in our body. Also Read: New Education Policy (NEP) – Benefits & Changes

When the virus gets defeated some red blood cells have their antibodies such antibodies known as Plasma. If someone who recovered from any virus then they can donate their plasma to serious patients who do not having that much immune system power. So I guess you got your answer after reading this, how the people are being cured of coronavirus without vaccination.

Process of Vaccine Making & Its Usage

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We need to understand how vaccine functions, how the immune system defends against contagious diseases. The scientists have the answer for it, so firstly they make some substance afterward they will insert pathogen. It may bacteria or viruses which will get injected in some body part. After injecting vaccine the person may have some side effects like fever etc.

  • Priority Checking/Setting about the virus.
  • Basic/Applied Research on the preparations of vaccines and on pathogens.
  • Animal Trial on Rats, Monkey with having similar DNA
  • After succeeding in the animal trial, Clinical Trials begins
  • In Clinical Trial also they are having four phases.
  • After all, phases get succeeded with minimum side effects and antibodies produced then the process of License starts.
  • Lastly Production

Countries which Completed Last Phase of Clinical/Human Trials:

The wait for vaccines is almost at the end of its stage, already a vaccine from Russia has been launched and it may available till October 2020. The United States of America, the United Kingdom, China, Israel, and India are in the race till the end of the year vaccine production would be in effect. Oxford university vaccine says they will make some promising results vaccine. COVAXIN & COVISHIELD are being made in India one from the UK and another from India. You May Also Like: Why 1$ = 75 INR Appoximately, Why Rupee Value gets Affected

We hope you know about vaccination process after reading this article on Vaccines for Corona Virus are being made. If you think this article is needful to you then stay tuned with us. If you have any doubts related to vaccine making comment down in the comment box we will get back to you as soon as possible. Share this information with your dear ones, because sharing is caring.

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